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Student Desk
Thank you so much for developing this program, it was informative and the exercises were just great. What a feeling it was to pass the written exam and to see my name as Advanced Home Stager Certified, WOW!!!!!!
Once again THANK YOU for everything.Denise N. Hendricks - New York, NY
Awesome course!! So glad I decided to attend the New York training! Kara was diligent and highly effective in making sure that EVERYONE understood the material. I couldn't have asked for a more qualified instructor.
Thank you again for all of your assistance!S. Toni Jennings | Realtor® - Detroit, MI
This class was wonderful! Kim provided a balance between space planning and design and color issues and business information. This Class contained an incredible amount of detailed information in just 5 days. Field trips were well planned out and provided hands-on experience for the beginning home stager. Lisa S. - Honolulu, HI
This Class was amazing! Kim shared all her experience to speed up our learning curve and help make our getting started easier. The actual "hands-on" learning was invaluable and unique to Kim and The Academy of Home Staging. Nancy K. - Long Beach, CA
I am very happy that I came all the way from New York City to attend this course. I've learned a lot of crucial information that has boosted my confidence and will help avoid new-comer mistakes. Excellent Program! Kendyl C. - New York City, NY
I learned more in this course than I ever imagined. I don't think there could have been any additional business skills to start a staging company included. Every question I had about starting my staging practice and more were answered. Elisa R. - Sheridan, Wyoming
I can't thank you enough for everything - the information, exercises, forms, and even the verbiage was truly a complete package. However the support extended to us graduates by you after our course speaks volumes of your Academy. Sondra T. - Palos Verdes, CA
The entire program by far exceeded my expectations. Being allowed to go through all of the processes was a world of wealth! Darlene T. - Spicewood, TX
Wonderful class! Great information that was easy to understand. I can't wait to get started! Thank-you! Ericka W.- Orem UT
Kim went over and above the call of duty. I would not hesitate for a second to send all who desire this field to The Academy of Home Staging. In fact, I would insist upon it!!. Aleah J. - Folsum, CA
Mary Ellen was great, thorough and detailed and was always making sure she had answered all my questions. I am really looking forward to Staging homes! Adriana Torres - Fort Meyers, FLA
This course is exceptional and provides all areas of what to expect and how to achieve it. I highly recommend taking this course if you are serious about becoming a home stager. Thank-you Kim, you're terrific!! Ron F. - Ojai, CA
Kim goes above and beyond making sure each student grasps and understands each subject before she moves to the next. This is truly a business building course. The education received exceeded my expectations. Brenda R. - Amarillo, TX
Training far exceeded my expectations. Business materials, templates, etc. provided alone were worth the cost of admission. Leaving today with all the tools and knowledge to begin a successful Home Staging and Redesign business. Mary Ellen F. - Laconia, NH
The Academy of Home Staging course covered every angle of staging and all my questions were answered every step of the way. I highly recommend this course - you will be more than prepared to start your new staging business. Eva Y. - Venice, CA
I am writing this to thank you for as well as to provide you feedback on the Advanced Staging Certificate program that I attended this Summer in sunny California. My motive to take a staging class came from my personal interest in interior decoration further fueled by the fertile setting offered by Italy (I am a Turkish national living in Italy). The program that you designed and conducted provided me with a very good mix of the basics and the practical aspects of staging. I found the training material that you put together very well thought of and organized, with sections building on one another. I was impressed by your teaching style which was simple enough to follow, easy to understand and interactive with great opportunity for us to react to. You did not use professional jargon or made assumptions that we had to either go home and make research to understand what you said in the class. The afternoon site visits were very useful and insightful that gave me a hands on experience. I also have to thank you for offering listings of nearby accommodations, transportation options which, I believe, make your services fuller and the program a very pleasant experience overall. I learned a lot from your Advanced Staging Program and I highly recommend it. Rayiha Unver - Perugia, Italy

Our Graduates are a testament as to what we can accomplish, along with a lifetime of extended support!

Below is an interview with yet another successful graduate - Corinne Wood

Corinne Wood's Success Story

The curriculum gave me a solid professional foundation on which to build my business. The school taught me about the basics of business and not just creative instruction.

"The idea was to find something creative and independent...a business that would help home sellers in a sluggish market." Corinne Wood from Virginia Beach, Virginia found exactly the right formula in home staging and out of that sprang Staged Designs of VA. She could put to work her gift for turning a home interior into an inviting, eye-appealing master-piece that would draw perspective buyers. After just nine months, business is booming and her staged homes are selling fast.

Editor: What attracted you to the business?

Corinne: Interest in design and the flexibility of being my own boss. I love the idea of creating a beautiful home interior from empty rooms and have potential buyers visualize just how a home can look with the right furniture and accessories.

Editor: How did you find the Academy?

Corinne: On the internet. I liked the idea it was a real classroom school rather than just an on-line course.

Editor: What was your experience with the Academy?

Corinne: It was great and I like the fact there were small classes with lots of excellent one-on-one learning and helpful information about building the business. I also received the practical experience of home re-designing.

Editor: What did you take most from it?

Corinne: The curriculum gave me a solid professional foundation on which to build my business. The school taught me about the basics of business and not just creative instruction.

Editor: How has it helped your business?

Corinne: My business has tripled since attending the Academy in January 2012. I am doing a steady rotation of homes monthly. All the homes I have staged have sold in just one day up to four weeks.

Corinne Wood is a local business woman (Southeast Virginia) with a built in knowledge of the market. In just a short few months she has gained the confidence of developers & realtors who see her efforts as a sure-fired way to sell homes. "I am a professional who is flexible and client-first oriented. They trust me because I do the job done right." Corinne is using her past experience in administration, banking, business brokering, and as a custom home contractor to quickly grow Staged Designs of VA. "My slogan is, "Set up to sell fast." So far we're living up to that."

The Academy takes every precaution to protect students' personal information. We are happy to provide you with full names and phone numbers to previous students upon request.