Home Staging Training Myths Uncovered

So many people ask me what the best type of Home Staging training is and if they can really learn all they need to know in a Home Staging Training program to start a successful Home Staging business.

As a Home Staging educator, I have compiled the differences for easy evaluation between the different types of trainings available:

  • Online
  • 3 day Workshops
  • 5 Day Hands-On Private Training

Online Training is available for those who feel confident in their design aptitude and learn better from audio and visual, rather than by doing. Although many of these programs may be more affordable than a hands-on training experience, the trade off is this type of training has the least hands-on and instructor interaction. If you are a self starter, committed to finishing this type of program, this may be for you. We rate this type of training a Bronze.

Three day Workshops (24 hour trainings). You will likely learn a good amount about starting your business however, there is typically not enough time for much experiential learning and you will have little or no personal instructor interaction as these events can be quite large with upwards of 30 or 40 people. These workshops are great for people who like condensed, fast paced, hands-on learning but are not concerned about having an experiential journey, design training or personal coaching. We rate this type of training a Silver.

Five Day Courses (40 hour trainings) receive the Gold in terms of Home Staging Training. These types of courses generally produce the most skilled Home Staging Designers as they typically cover everything from business and marketing, to hands on design exercises that allow you to experience and learn the skill while receiving personal coaching and mentoring from the instructor along the way. Be sure to find a program that only accepts a handful of students to ensure your personal success. Speaking with the instructor by telephone prior to registering, will give you a good sense of how personal a journey the trainer will deliver.

In all cases, be sure to investigate thoroughly before making a decision. For more information, including the 8 things you must know before choosing a Home Staging Training Program, visit http://www.theacademyofhomestaging.com/8qs.html

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Learn How to Design Interiors In 5 Days!

Discover how you can earn a fantastic income designing interiors in only 5 days of training!
Do people compliment you on your style?
Have you ever thought of becoming a home staging designer?
Maybe you thought the training to become a designer would cost too much or take too long. Traditional design schools are expensive and take 2-4 years to complete. What if you could train to become a Home Staging Designer averaging $75-$150/hr in just 40 hours of exciting, hands-on and in the field, comprehensive training?
In this one-of-a-kind, coaching and training program you will learn:
- How to charge, estimate and collect for your services
- A step-by-step guide to building a successful staging business
- How to attract and retain clients
- Space planning and how to select paint colors
- Staging theory and design applications
- In field practice (over 10 hours and 3 homes)

- Personalized and individual attention (class size limited to four)
- Contracts, memberships and start-up tools included


In this tough economy, home sellers are looking to Stager’s across the country to help them redesign their properties for faster sale and higher offers. With the training you will receive at The Academy, you can help people sell 2-3 times faster and for up to 17% higher.  At The Academy of Home Staging, we give you the tools necessary to be competitive and successful in this highly sought after industry.

Academy Designation
Check out our Los Angeles training locations and dates at:

What does a Home Stager do?

A Home Stager works with home sellers to design an environment that buyers aspire to own. Home Stager’s can work with existing furniture or stage vacant homes, or a combination. An additional 25 design-related services that home stager’s can offer are also revealed in the Academy’s Home Staging Course.


Our 40-hour, hands-on program is a business start-up course in which you will learn how to market and grow your own home staging business. Our experiential training caters to creative people who prefer to learn by doing, with 10 hands-on design exercises including 3 in-field staging projects. We are one of the only training companies in the country to offer field training covering the 3 key areas that are essential to effectively staging homes. This experience gives you working knowledge that just can’t be duplicated in the classroom.


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