Do you Have What it Takes to be a Home Stager?

Although the average home stager earns between $75-$150 per hour., this is business is not about getting rich quick. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and drive.

  1. Entrepreneurial- A successful home stager markets themselves to the community, takes initiative to establish relationships with agents, and continues to put effort into their business everyday- even if the phone isn’t ringing.
  2. Hard working- Staging home entails a lot of rearranging of furniture and accessories. This involves a lot of lifting, bending, carrying, and long hours of hard work.
  3. Ethical and Empathy for others- Word travels quickly in the real estate community. Unethical practices, unkind words or a battling attitude may earn you a bad reputation. People own possessions that are sentimental to them in nature and we must always honor their lifestyles and belongings.
  4. Follow through- Maintaining your current clients saves you time and money over attracting new clients. This means follow-up phone calls, monthly newsletters and regular agent presentations.
  5. Love What You Do-When you love what you do it will naturally inspire you to be working diligently on your business. In addition, you will be a better designers, better business manager and more businesses will come your way when people feel your passion.

The Staging Process

  1. Create a focal point in every room, preferably from a feature the home already has
  2. Create warm and inviting seating arrangements in all rooms
  3. Selecting updated and complimentary paint colors
  4. Selecting or advising on upgrades needed to sell the home including flooring and fixtures
  5. De-cluttering and cleaning (Most homes need window and carpet cleaning)
  6. Utilize attractive accessories in an appealing way
  7. Depersonalizing the space so that it appeals the majority
  8. Increase curb appeal
  9. Staging a room for its true potential