Washinton DC Course Coming March 19th

Have you often thought about a rewarding career path in a design field but thought it would take to long or cost too much?Are you aware that you can become an expert in the fastest segment of Interior Design in just 1 week of intensive training and get your own business up and running in just 1 month?

On March 19th The Academy of Home Staging is providing a class in Washington DC. Not only will you be able to see the White House right across the way from where you will trained but DC’s Annual Cherry Blossom event is happening the same week. For more information on the festival click here.

Just 2 weeks from today you could be Designing Interiors for a living….

 Home Staging is the # 1, up and coming career according to CNN and Career Builder. Home Stagers design interiors of homes that are for sale so that the home will sell quickly and for top dollar.

 Currently, investors are scooping up foreclosed properties, updating and staging them so they can earn more profits and faster. This is an amazing time to build a lucrative Home Staging business quickly while servicing repeat clients who are doing several houses a month.

In the 42.5 hour, hands-on location training you receive with The Academy’s Advanced Home Stager Certification program, you will learn everything from:

- how to get your business up and running in just 30 days
- how to reach dozens of clients in just 5 minutes
- how to price and market your services
- how to build your business for very little money
- hands-on space planning, color theory, picking paint colors, style boards and accessorizing exercises
- out in the field on 3 staging exercises
- take home contracts, customizable advertising pieces and project worksheets
- after class coaching included

Upcoming dates and locations are:

Washington DC area – March 19 – 23 

Los Angeles area – March 19 – 23

Tampa area – April 23 – 27  

Call to get started before the busy summer season – 818.726.6429

When I first thought about becoming a Home Stager, I wondered if I could really make it? Well, I am here to tell you, that through trial and error, I discovered what it takes to be highly successful in this field and now I want to pass those years of knowledge on to you and save you hundreds of hours and dollars in frustration and wrong decisions. Because I want you to truly be successful, you also receive our business cd containing all the contracts, proposals, worksheets and click and print advertising pieces to transform your business into $$$$$ immediately. Plus you receive 2 months membership into our VIP, Ongoing Education program which includes coaching and advanced audio classes.

Don’t wait any longer to start your amazing journey – Click here to get started.  or call me to talk staging – Kim 818.726.6429. I would be happy to shed some light on any questions you have about the industry.

Have you been thinking about a career in Home Staging?

Have you been thinking about making a career change lately?

Maybe you would like to be in charge of your own schedule doing something you love and being paid good money in exchange for your talents?

That’s how I felt a few years when two of my biggest clients announced they were moving on and I was to lose over 70% of my current income! Yikes - I needed to do something quick and whatever that was going to be, I knew it had to meet certain criteria:

1. It needed to be a business that took very little time and money to get up and running

2. In order to replace 70% of my income, it needed to be a lucrative choice

3. As long as I was starting over, I was hoping to find something I could be passionate about.

Pretty tough criteria to meet on all levels. I had always thought that the easy to train for, fun and desirable high paying fields were already saturated. Then I was introduced to home staging.

I must admit, when I was first considering home staging, there were some things that had me worried. I knew from watching all the televisions shows that I would love directing a design project from start to finish and watching the incredible difference in the before and afters. But I still wondered how much work would be out there and if I could really make a go of it. What if I put myself out there and no one ever called?

To my great relief – I had my first staging client within a couple weeks. Turns out, home staging has been around for over 30 years and is the #1 career poised for growth according to CNN and Career Builder.

Now I look forward to my work. Gone are the days that I yearned for something different or better. For me, the best part about being a home stager is solving a creative challenge that results in a complete visual transformation. It was easy to master this design skill set but I am always excited to realize that every project is different and I never get bored! As a side benefit,  I have helped hundreds of people sell their home faster and for more money and they are truly grateful for my services. (I also happen to be very fond of my boss for the first time in my life!)

If you have any questions about becoming a home stager, or certified training, I would like to invite you to mortgage brokers MN team!

Using Color and the Different Types of Color

Color creates the mood and emotion. Color guides the eye we are in charge of controlling the buyer’s eye on what they look at. Color and accessories create style and provides energy to a room. Color creates architectural interest, showcases features and brings them to life, and draws attention to the most important parts of a room. Color can also distract from the negative. A negative space or feature in a room that you want less emphasis on.

Hue is just a fancy way to say color and tints add white to a pure hue. Shades add black and tones adds gray.

Warm colors advance and bring attention when we want to advance a wall of excitement exhilaration, and energy. Cool colors mellow out and make a room feel quiet and larger. Complementary high powered energy schemes can be reds greens, and blue greens. Analogous color mean colors next to each other and harmonious colors are colors that flow well together like green/blue subtle color schemes.

A good way to know when to use a monochromic color scheme is when you see traditional style, classically inspired, or antiques.

Use receding colors to make a room feel larger, like a monotone color scheme – using non colors and variations of it. True neutrals are blacks, whites, and grays. You would use color to warm up a cold room because color can help unify a space as well as help break up a space.

Red is exhausting to the eye and all color triggers some kind of an emotional response. Have fun with color when using it in a room though. You can make a room feel warm while still being creative with your color schemes.

Fast 5 Tips for the Spring Season

Spring is definitely in the air. Need some quick and easy spring staging tips?  Keep this checklist in hand for your staged properties and utilize it to the fullest potential of this season to show and sell houses.

1. Refresh your flower pots.  Do you have left over flowers from winter?  Do you have empty flower pots lying around?  Fill these empty pots with potting soil and blooming flowers from your local gardening store.  Also, utilize some mobile pots, so you can fill empty spots around the front door, back decks, or yard to brighten up your spaces.

2. Tidy up your yard, the weather is nice so why not. Consider it morning exercise to tackle your yard with a rake and do a once-over walk through to make sure there is no clutter.  Having clean lines can make a yard seem larger.  Update your mulch and fill in spots where winter has not been kind.

3. Purchase a new “WELCOME’ mat for the front door.  This is so simple and welcoming, you would be surprised how this one message changes a buyers feel as they enter the homes.

4)  Fake it.  You do not want to put fresh flowers out, especially this time of year. Specialty stores are brimming with beautiful silk greenery and spring flowers.  Having these adds a lively touch to dark or empty corners throughout the home.

5. Utilize colors around the front door, entrance way, and any other places where a splash of color can brighten the room. Use different bright colors to liven up the space.

Counter Top Materials


Natural Stone with a coarse grain and crystalline texture that is thick, durable, and virtually maintenance- free.

Paper Composite

Made of recycled paper (or pulp obtained from sustainable managed forests) and coated in water- based acrylic resin. Examples: PaperStone and Richlite.

Butcher Block

Strips of solid maple, white oak, or beech that has been fused together. It has a warm, rustic look and can double as a cutting board.

Recycled Glass

Aggregate of recycled, often postindustrial, glass tiles or chips. Examples: EnviroSLAB and IceStone.


Soft, easily carved stone that is generally dark gray and contains talc, which gives it the feel of dry soap.


Marble is metamorphic rock with a swirled, clouded pattern. Comes is a range of colors. Stains very easily.

There is also metal: bronze, brass etc (learn how Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing Inc. is different).

Ancient Furniture History


After the retreat of the last ice age, the hunter-gatherer communities of the Stone Age gradually began to acquire the skills of agriculture, and civilizations were born. No longer perpetually on the move in an endless search for food, families were able to build homes and acquire possessions. Division of labor was possible, and skilled craftsmen began to develop their trades in producing articles such as jewelry, pottery and furniture.

Ancient Furniture

Although much ancient art such as pottery and jewelry survives from the earliest civilizations, ancient furniture was mostly wooden, and has long since rotted away. Our knowledge of ancient furniture is mainly derived from scenes depicted in early art forms, such as pottery decorations and frescos. Perhaps the earliest furniture in existence is that found at Catal Huyuk in Turkey that dates from around 3000 BC.


A valuable contribution to our knowledge of ancient furniture came from the excavation site at Akrotiri, where the Minoan city of Thera was preserved by lava from a volcanic eruption. Although the actual furniture has long since perished, it has left cavities in the larval rock. By using these cavities as moulds, archaeologists have been able to reproduce the furniture that stood in these ancient Minoan homes.


The best examples of ancient furniture still in existence are those found in the tombs of Egyptian noblemen. Egyptian furniture was placed in tombs for the use of the deceased in the afterlife, and many items are still in good condition due to the hot, dry climate and the fact that they were sealed inside the burial chambers.


Many items of ancient Chinese furniture have also been preserved, since Chinese civilization has continued uninterrupted for thousands of years, and works of art have been treasured through the centuries.

Egyptian & Graeco Roman

Although surviving Egyptian furniture, Greek furniture and Roman furniture is rare, a lot of information is available regarding the ancient design of homes and furniture in these cultures. This is because ancient Egyptian art, Greek art, and ancient Roman art, artifacts and literature are plentiful, giving us a good idea of how these ancient people lived.

Classical Revival

Greek, Roman and Egyptian decor was the inspiration for the neoclassical furniture styles popular in Europe and America in the 18th and 19th centuries particularly the neoclassical furniture of the late Georgian era in England and also Regency Furniture.

Ever wonder what color says about you?

Ever wonder what color says about you?
Take this fun quiz to see what your favorite color says about your personality.
To determine your favorite of all colors, answer the following questions then see the key below to see what your favorite color says about you!
 1. What color do you wear the most?
2. What color makes you happiest?
3. What was your favorite crayon as a child?
4. What’s your favorite gemstone?
5. What color is your favorite flower?
6. What color gets you the most compliments?
7. What color “speaks” to you the most?
8. What color would you like to try but are scared to?

Check out what the experts say….



The most dominant personality. A visionary and risk taker, energetic, passionate, tenacious, flamboyant and courageous.
Balanced both mentally and physically. Happy, loyal, takes each day as it comes.


Cheerful, charming, magnetic, intelligent, confident, and creative. A good leader and negotiator.


The perfect balance between the physical and mental. Grounded, logical, not easily influenced, rarely judgmental. A loyal friend.
Optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealistic, tranquil, patient, devoted. A natural mother.


A brilliant old soul who is intuitive, sensitive, impulsive, curious, and ambitious with a great lust for life.
Also an old soul. Intense, cerebral, wise, loving, generous, sentimental, and artistic.
Main qualities are strength, love and leadership. Turns visions into realities.

Radiates love, joy, compassion and understanding.

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New Home Staging Scholarship Program – Start Staging Next Week!

Kim's PhotoHave you been wanting to start your Home Staging career but holding back due to the investment?

Well now there is an opportunity for assistance so you can achieve the biggest, most rewarding career change of your life.

Earlier this year, The Academy of Home Staging received the only Scholarship Program available in the country and we can assist you on your path to designing interiors right away. In just one short week of training, you can be certified to stage homes anywhere in the world. 

This is a brand new program with a limited amount of scholarships available. I have just learned that two extra scholarships will be given out for the April 19th – 23rd course which is just 11 days away. Just think, in 2 weeks from now you could be a Certified Home Stager earning upwards of $75/hr for your re-design and staging talents!

Although scholarship approval typically takes a couple of weeks, those interested in the April 19th through 23rd course in Valencia, CA should apply immediately and will be given priority processing status. 
Don’t delay your dreams any longer, click here to get started:

To review The Academy’s unprecedented Certification program with 28 hours of staging design instruction and hands-on exercises, three in-field staging projects, guest speakers, 12 hours of advanced business training and ongoing education and coaching after graduation, visit us at http://www.AcademyofStaging.com.

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