Spring Colour Trends in 2014


Fashion and interior design sometimes go hand in hand, so just as fashion week colours and styles change with the times, home-staging trends evolve, as well.

Spring colour trends 2014 are all about finding the right balance of bright and pastel to draw attention and pair perfectly together. Pastels are a great way to balance out an extremely bright or drastically dark look without immediately deciding to use a neutral beige or cream colour which can be use in the exterior area, a Concrete Contractor can help you find the shade for your home.

Blues, Purples and Mint Green

Tranquil blues and purples are a definite pairing for the upcoming spring season, and mint green is a growing trend. Pastels always give off the feeling of approaching spring life, and this season is no different with these three colours playing major roles on the runway and in recent décor, inspiring new springtime spaces.

These colours are great to pair against neutrals to help softly add colour, but this season, pastels are also being paired against bright, bold hues for a really full-bodied look.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is one really flush colour that has come back on the scene recently, playing a role as both a neutral in furniture and fabrics, but also as a great accent colour-up against most any other hue. Pairing the tranquil, soft pastels against the bold, royal blue creates a beautiful and welcoming compilation for any social gathering area. This blue is a great colour to accent a room with throw pillows and shelf objects, or to design a room around with a chic lounge chair or a plush bedspread being a main focal point.

Red and Orange

Other bright colours that are really popular this season are fiery red and orange. These two aren’t typical spring colours, but when paired with the royal and tranquil blues, they help round out the palette with a punch of something special.

Golden Yellow and Orchid

Finally, to finish off the spectrum of colours, golden yellow and a wildcard – orchid – help complete the colour trends 2014. Yellow is fresh and optimistic, providing a great source of power to the bright colours that complements perfectly with almost all pastels and encourages attention when partnered with other bright hues.

Orchid is a really unique shade that can stand on its own against the other bright hues, but it also pairs really well with blues and violets, adding some pop while also complementing the pastel colour group. Pair orchid with the bright yellow or rich blue, and the colour combo is one that can’t be ignored, inviting comfort in any space.

Orchids and sunflowers add a natural impact to interior rooms, helping bring the feeling of outside in. So in addition to using the colours of yellow and orchid in fabrics and paint, consider accenting with a vase of bright fresh flowers.

It’s important to keep recent trends and colours in mind when decorating a space, especially if you think that you might be in the market to sell soon. The colour trends 2014 are crisp and bright, a great addition to any home, and designing dynamic rooms helps not only the aesthetic value rise but also the monetary value. To learn more about recent design trends and how to use them in your home-staging design, call Showhome Presentations at 279 7333.

How to Create a Feature Wall


Injecting style and colour in a room doesn’t mean that the entire space needs a design overhaul, luxury home builders melbourne can provide you with the solution for this. Whatever the area, a feature wall is a fun and impressive way to add a chic pop of colour without breaking the bank or overpowering the look of a space.

Whether the area of your home is in the bedroom, living room or even in a hallway, a feature wall, or a retaining wall, is a great opportunity to add some attention-grabbing appeal. When you’re making improvements to your home, you might focus more on the bigger picture and not worry too much about the same details. However, small changes like a wall removal can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. If you want to remove unwanted walls and open up your floor plan to maximize enjoyment of your home, a wall repositioning project is needed. While wall removal seems simple, a load bearing wall has a huge structural impact on your home. If these load bearing walls are not removed correctly there can be long-term, serious consequences to structural stability of your home, that is why this should be entrusted to professionals.

There are many different ways to add a focal point to the area, whether it is a large room or a small shelving nook above the stairs, and many stylish homes have started to incorporate this contemporary look. Consider add body pillow to your bedroom, they provides total body support, relieving pressure points in the back, neck and hips, and soothing aching muscles.

Why Use a Feature Wall?

The first step in creating a feature wall is determining why to use a feature wall in the first place. If you have important artwork or painting to display or a hobby to show off, or if you just want to add some personality to a space without redesigning the entire area, a feature wall might be perfectly suited to your design needs. To add character to the wall and the painting itself, you may hire a custom framing company to create a new frame.

The next step in adding a focal point is deciding what colour scheme is in play. If the walls are already painted and the room is furnished, it’s easier to choose a colour to help accent or add a pop of contrast, but patterns and hues can create an endless number of colour options. Looking for an Australian painting company? You can always count on Redcliffe commercial and residential painters for a long lasting and quality paint.

Once you have a colour or pattern in mind, you can move on to choosing materials. Type 1 wallpaper, tile, paint and different styles of showcasing artwork can all create an interesting and important focal point to showcase paintings, artwork or some personality to the natural line of sight. To add character to your wall, you can use a grasscloth wallpaper or some other stylish wallpaper products.

Consider Adding Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are one material that has really become popular in interior design over the last decade. These stickers are easy to remove and provide many different looks for your room that you can move and replace. Adding a daring, life-size retro sticker, or creating your own pattern of smaller wall stickers, adds a unique touch to help show personality.

For a more ornate look that can add utility—as well as style—to your home staging, create a wall of storage with different heavy duty plastic storage bins. The storage bins can be all different shapes, sizes and colours to be the focal point, or the shelves can be uniform to boldly stand out against the wall colour and showcase the items that sit atop.

Shelves aren’t the only item that can be grouped to create a focal point. Polaroids, empty picture frames, artwork, mirrors and plates can all combine to create stunning feature walls.

Getting Your Wall Noticed

Once the colour and materials have been chosen for the feature wall, the idea is to make the wall really stand out from the rest of the room and maximize the attention. Opening the area around the wall and using simpler accents in the immediate area will add punch and make the statement that you are intending. You display Russian Matryoshka Dolls or any of your personal collections to attract attention toward the feature wall.

If you are interested in creating your own feature wall but aren’t sure about the look you’re after, call Showhome Presentations at 279-7333. Our interior designers specialize in home staging and can help convince you that bare walls are boring. When it comes time to sell, captivating design can make a big difference.

Best Use of Colour to Invoke Positive Emotions in a Room

Positive EmotionsAUTHOR:

The way that colour affects emotion varies throughout childhood and into adulthood, but there is absolute evidence backing the psychology of room colour and how it affects feelings and behaviour on a daily basis.

According to a painting contractor, in preparing to paint a space, whether it’s an office or a home, make sure you understand the science and psychology behind colour and its effect on emotional reaction. And remember: The right colour for one room may not be ideal for another.

Choosing Room Paint Ideas in the Bedroom

When choosing a bedroom colour, the most important factor to consider is relaxation. A bedroom should be an escape from stress.

Like many yoga studios and spas, blues, greens and products like pool, spa & hot tub water enzymes in a bedroom can promote calmness and restoration. Blue has been noted to lower blood pressure, while red has been shown to raise it. Both colours have positive impacts; the colour red is just associated with alertness and high-energy, better concepts for social areas of the home and feelings that aren’t necessary when trying to unwind before going to sleep.

Using an ideal balance of blue and green helps ward off insomnia and encourages restful, deep sleep. One clever way to incorporate these colours in addition to paint is through houseplants and natural art accents.

Bright and Dark Colours

A bright yellow is very effective at promoting happiness. The sunny colour invokes optimism and a cheery attitude, as does orange. Both can encourage interaction and laughter.

The darker the colours, the more heavy they start to feel within your space and on your attitude. Darker hues of any colour may start to solicit negative feelings.

Negative and positive reactions aren’t just influenced by the colour; sometimes, it comes down to personal tastes. Before beginning to paint, consider how you feel about the hues based on prior interaction and knee-jerk response. Create a list of colours organised by personal preference, or you could just close your eyes and envision the room in different hues, noting how each makes you feel.

While the final color choice for painting is important, there are also many ways to intentionally include different hues into your home apart from the main wall colour. Each room serves a different purpose and should evoke different feelings based on the actions taking place there. Adding accents, such as painted furniture, feature walls and art, are great ways to balance out the colour of the walls and incorporate more than one feeling into a space.

When beginning your journey of thinking about room paint ideas, it is important to research the psychology behind the colour choices, as well as your personal preferences. Choosing the right colour can have a tremendous impact on mood and relationships, so before you make a final decision, be sure that you are promoting positive energy and a healthy, happy space.

To discuss how hue affects mood, or to learn more ways to make your home more inviting with an interior designer, call Showhome Presentations at 279 7333.

5 Tips to Impress Homebuyers

Home buyersAUTHOR: Trish Cantwell If you are in the market to sell your house, there are many important factors to think about when hosting potential buyers. The number of ways to improve your home’s marketability is extensive, but there are five sure-fire tips to sell home that will impress any homebuyer.
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1. Create Curb Appeal

When a buyer pulls up to a potential new home, a good first impression really makes a difference. This is called “curb appeal”, you should hire the pros at Eco Clean Solutions to power wash the driveway and patio to create the look of cleanliness that every homeowner dreams of for their house. Make sure to hire asphalt paving contractors as well for asphalt paving repairs. A concrete driveway will surely improve not only your property curb appeal but also the property value. If you need to install a new driveway, you may need to consider using a concrete pump primer. Also driveways Edinburgh can help you with this task.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to book a roofing contractor in Denton, TX on their website and quickly communicate with the company and talk about residential roofing repairs and roof replacement you need. Hiring expert roofers or roofing contractors will not only give you the quality work you are looking for but will also leave you stress free. Look for a roofer that offers residential or commercial roofing services, such as roof replacement or roof repair. You may also get in touch with a Timber Roof Truss Supplier to see the materials you can use for your roofing. For more options on roofing services, you may try to click here. Better yet, you can go to sites such as https://www.floridaroofing.com/ directly. For additional roofing guidance visit Division Kangaroof.

Lawn maintenance is essential in improving your home’s curb appeal. Planting flowers, edging and adding mulch makes the outside of the home look picturesque. Don’t forget about tree trimming—this will make the trees around the house look healthy and presentable. Adding in small details, like a garden or a hammock, helps stage the yard to meet the fantasy of relaxation that might be just exactly what a homebuyer is looking for in their new abode. Make sure that the company you hire makes use of lawn care software to better accommodate your needs.

2. Make It Easy to imagine

The home-staging begins outside, but it definitely doesn’t end there. Setting up your home to showcase its best attributes is a sure way to keep buyers interested. Removing clutter from shelves and tables and leaving more open space will help buyers imagine their items in the area and get them more excited about the possibility of their lives in the house. By creating a welcoming environment sans clutter, buyers will feel more confident about making the house their new home, and of course you can’t forget to clean full on mode all the inside and outside of the house, check up the local company of Conroe roof cleaning company to make sure you are with the best !

3. Brighten Up the Space

Lighter colours are more positive and welcoming than darker shades, so to help create a more inviting space, try to brighten the rooms.Switching out accent art, pillows and rugs with lighter colours, using lighter lampshades and removing drapes will emit a more optimistic vibe. For years, Realtors have wanted a statewide MLS, but are now learning their local boards may be the greedy middle-man, opposing the idea entirely.

4. Use the Sense of Smell to Your Advantage

Just by quality home renovations, you can make your house look brand new and smell amazing. A great way to help sell your space is to appeal to your buyer’s sense of smell. This is often one of the tips to sell a home that is overlooked because it can’t always be seen, but it has a huge impact on buyer moods. Adding coordinating potpourri and scented candles throughout the home or placing a fresh plate of biscuits out in the kitchen is pleasing to both the eye and the nose, making the entire space seem even more charming. whether you’re planning to make minor changes to your home or want to make major home modifications to its overall floor plan, you’ll know that Commercial Renovations Edmonton will be with you every step of the way.

5. Keep the Space Tidy

To avoid last-minute major school cleaning overhauls, try to keep the space as tidy as possible. Hire residential and commercial cleaning or janitorial services for professional house cleaning. Staying on top of the dusting and vacuuming, and keeping dishes out of the sink will make your home even more appealing, if you need extra help try hiring a house cleaning company. Sometimes, it’s the small details that set one property apart from the rest. There are countless tips out there for helping to sell your home in a down market, but these five are sure to help you create a pleasant, appealing home for any potential buyer. Know more about Residential Real Estate here.