Top 10 Staging Tips

Box up the knickknacks

Rearrange furniture

Add touches of color

Light a scented candle

Replacing the AC unit with the help of

Open curtains and blinds

Consider new kitchen appliances or look for an appliance repair company to fix the broken items.

Highlight architectural details

Update faucets, light switches, lighting

Eliminate unpleasant odors

Replace carpet

Curb Appeal
The first impression a seller makes is critical. What is the first impression at your house? Minor details can make a big difference. As a Realtor is fumbling with the lockbox, the potential buyer is noticing the little details; fresh paint on your entry doorway, the condition of the hardware, the decorative touches on the mailbox. Fresh mulch, clean edging and proper lawn care are important details that will provide a positive first impression. The roof is also a huge part of the home’s exterior. You may need to do some repairs or even a roof replacement to improve your home’s curb appeal and its value. To a potential buyer, the exterior of the house is a sneak preview of what is inside.

Now is the time to take care of the long-neglected “honey do” list, like finally getting that garage door repair. Your home should shine with pride of ownership. Creating the impression that the house is well maintained, will bring a better offer. If your air conditioning unit needs air conditioning repairinspection or maintenance, you can seek professional help from companies like True Air Systems. Overlooking a small air conditioning repair may lead buyers to assume you haven’t taken care of the big items and this is when a buyer will begin looking for problems that they might otherwise not notice. You can also use a heating system from to make the house feel more homie and ready to live in. If you already have a heating system that needs a repair, visit places like for help. Professional heating contractors will not only fix the damage in your hvac system, but they can also identify potential issues that may affect its performance.  A home inspector recently confessed that he will spend more time in homes that have obvious neglect. If you are in need of a local furnace installation service, visit company website for options. Read More… here about additional furnace options. How will your home fare under that sort of additional scrutiny?

If there are traces of water damage in your property, it might hurt your chances of selling the house at your desired price and timeframe. Therefore, it would be wise to contact a water damage restoration company before listing your house.

Step away from the paint brush! If your painting skills aren’t top-notch, call a professional. The quality of the job is just as important as the colors you pick. Don’t waste your effort and money if you haven’t the time—or skill—to do the job right. A professional home Stager can help you pick colors that will work with existing carpet or cabinetry. A home Stager can help improve the visual flow of your space by recommending colors that transition gracefully from one room to the next. The right color can also create an environment neutral enough to appeal to a broad range of buyers. Bold colors can be dramatic…or they can be a deal breaker. Why take a chance?

Just say “NO!” Ditto with bold colors and “theme” rooms. Your personal style, however tasteful, will most likely not be the taste of the prospective buyer. Decor needs to be neutral enough that it can accommodate any furnishing style without major changes. Further, using a variety of different textures or colors of carpet and flooring can negatively impact the visual flow of the house. New floor coverings can make the difference between receiving an offer and taking a price reduction – that will cost you far more than new flooring.

Tasteful furniture doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you need new furniture for your new home, buy it now. Furniture mismatches and hand-me-downs make for poor flow and often occupy valuable square footage – both physically and visually. It’s time to “hand-me-up” to your favorite charity and get a tax deduction. When it comes to furnishings, keep the best- get rid of the rest. If new furniture isn’t an option, you can slipcover classic-shaped furniture and paint dated wood pieces for a fresh look that won’t break the bank.

If you have too many “matchy” pieces in your decor, it may be time to edit a few. Don’t purchase an entire set (even if it is a deal) of bedroom or living room furniture if all the pieces do not fit in the room. A few non-matching accent pieces will complement the space and add interest and dimension.

The first impression a seller makes is critical. What is the first impression at your house? Minor details can make a big difference. As a Realtor is fumbling with the lockbox, the potential buyer is noticing the little details; fresh paint on door, the condition of the hardware, the decorative touches on the mailbox. Fresh mulch, clean edging and proper lawn maintenance are important details that will provide a positive first impression. Use this excellent lawn mower from HouseBait for a better looking lawn. To a potential buyer, the exterior of the house is a sneak preview of what is inside.

Does your design style need to shrink? Does your home have multiple personalities? Too many design styles leave a room confusing and lacking drama. It can be difficult to make pieces of varying scale and color work together in the same room. “Eclectic” is a great look when done tastefully – pulling it off can be challenging, even for the pros. A few antique pieces make for great accents, but too many pose a challenge and can make a home feel like grandma lives there.

Your home’s architecture should determine the style of the exterior and when changing the house front is also one of the Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof. Stagers and decorators often choose “transitional” pieces because they will work with almost any architectural style or period and well with existing pieces.

Carpet in Kitchens and Baths
Yuck! Need I say more?

Hire it done!
It is important to be informed and realistic about your skill level. Your best bet is to get help from friends and family or “hire it out.” Keep your expectations reasonable and use your time for the things you’re confident doing or that only you can do.

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Today’s real estate market means sellers need to hit the ground running with the best ‘possible product.’ If it takes six months to get a house ready for market, a seller might lose an additional 5% to 10% (depending on community) in value. It pays to make a plan and get the job done as quickly as possible. A professional Stager can help sellers save money and time by identifying the priorities, determining what should stay or go, and assisting with finding contractors or other professionals.

Remember, the cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction.

Do you Have What it Takes to be a Home Stager?

Although the average home stager earns between $75-$150 per hour., this is business is not about getting rich quick. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and drive.

  1. Entrepreneurial– A successful home stager markets themselves to the community, takes initiative to establish relationships with agents, and continues to put effort into their business everyday- even if the phone isn’t ringing.
  2. Hard working– Staging home entails a lot of rearranging of furniture and accessories. This involves a lot of lifting, bending, carrying, and long hours of hard work.
  3. Ethical and Empathy for othersWord travels quickly in the real estate community. Unethical practices, unkind words or a battling attitude may earn you a bad reputation. People own possessions that are sentimental to them in nature and we must always honor their lifestyles and belongings.
  4. Follow through– Maintaining your current clients saves you time and money over attracting new clients. This means follow-up phone calls, monthly newsletters and regular agent presentations.
  5. Love What You Do-When you love what you do it will naturally inspire you to be working diligently on your business. In addition, you will be a better designers, better business manager and more businesses will come your way when people feel your passion.

The Staging Process

  1. Create a focal point in every room, preferably from a feature the home already has.
  2. Create warm and inviting seating arrangements in all rooms.
  3. Selecting updated and complimentary paint colors.
  4. Selecting or advising on upgrades needed to sell the home including flooring and fixtures.
  5. De-cluttering and cleaning (Most homes need window and carpet cleaning from professionals such as CleaningPRO Wellington).
  6. Utilize attractive accessories in an appealing way.
  7. Depersonalizing the space so that it appeals the majority.
  8. Increase curb appeal with patios northampton services.
  9. Staging a room for its true potential like getting a sunroom addition.
  10. Double check for the services, the electrical system and  for any water damages, in this case you can use the best insulating techniques available for quick damages. When looking for the best insulation services, you can check out this First Defense Insulation attic spray foam insulation Houston for some best options.

The home office: The most cluttered and disorganized room in your house may tempt you to just close the door when showing around potential home buyers. You had the best of intentions when you converted that extra building into your office, but it rarely stayed clean and it was subjected to your ideas of organized chaos. But walk-throughs of your for-sale home are not going to avoid the office space just because it’s messy, they are going to view it anyway, and therefore it is up to you to stage it to best sell your house and more if you have the chance to stage is the best way possible so you can contact Kingwood power wash services to clean up the place.


Keep the furniture simple and ergonomically designed. Your desk, chair, computer, and keyboard should be positioned to look comfortable, but also functional. Look for a list of ergonomic office chairs, and lists of ergo-friendly tables, keyboards and mouse-pads. Keep the surfaces clutter-free by using organizers and proper storage systems. The craziness may work for your own time, but for your potential buyers it just looks messy and detracts from the overall quality of the room. Simple furniture and clear counters also highlight the size of the room, making a big room look even larger and a small room look spacious.


Home buyers always look for sources of natural light, so enhance any windows with decorative window treatments. If the office doesn’t have any windows, install a source of overhead light. Add one or two other light sources such as floor lamps and a desk lamp near the computer. Stores carry a variety of fixture styles, so make sure that the light fixtures tie in with the style of your furniture.