Counter Top Materials


Natural Stone with a coarse grain and crystalline texture that is thick, durable, and virtually maintenance- free.

Paper Composite

Made of recycled paper (or pulp obtained from sustainable managed forests) and coated in water- based acrylic resin. Examples: PaperStone and Richlite.

Butcher Block

Strips of solid maple, white oak, or beech that has been fused together. It has a warm, rustic look and can double as a cutting board.

Recycled Glass

Aggregate of recycled, often postindustrial, glass tiles or chips. Examples: EnviroSLAB and IceStone.


Soft, easily carved stone that is generally dark gray and contains talc, which gives it the feel of dry soap.


Marble is metamorphic rock with a swirled, clouded pattern. Comes is a range of colors. Stains very easily.

There is also metal: bronze, brass etc (learn how Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing Inc. is different).