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Certification is important as many agents will be looking to recommend you to their clients and will want to ensure you are properly trained in all the finer details of home staging. They understand that home staging is a marketing tool and that it takes much more than just a "good eye" to truly help their sellers achieve a faster, more lucrative sale - they will be seeking an expert to work with their clients.

When you graduate from The Academy's program, you will be that fully recognized expert agents are seeking, having earned the coveted AHSC (Advanced Home Stager Certification) to use anywhere in the world. Unlike other training companies who charge yearly fees to maintain the use of their designation logos, once you have earned the AHSC designation, there are no ongoing fees to pay - as long as you honorably represent The Academy, you have complete freedom to utilize the AHSC designation to establish instant credibility on any and all of your materials including business cards, website and marketing materials for life!

What is Included with your Training


But The Academy's Staging Certification Program is just $2697 - $2947and includes everything!
How this Course Pays for Itself - Add $20,000 more a year to your bottom line when you utilize the trade secrets I reveal in my course. Learn from my experience!
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Talented people who have an enormous contribution to make to the world want to be financially rewarded TOO. The truth is you can do both.
How often do you give yourself the gift of doing what you love? How many times is there an opportunity to change your future in just 5 days and begin trading passion for money instead of just logging in time? This training event can be the best investment of time and money that you'll ever make. If you're serious about turning your passions into your career this year, you need to be here.

I know that there's more than enough success, fun and abundance for everyone and I can't wait to share that success, fun and abundance with YOU!

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